Study Guide Ch. 10





Study Guide Chapter 10

Includes chapter 9and some U.S. questions.


Constitution of1824

Providedmore local control



Mexicanofficials feared Texans take Texas


Battle of Gonzales

Texanswilling to use force


Law of April 6,1830



Stephen F. Austin

Accusedof treason for letter

1833deliver Texans resolutions


Santa Anna

GotTexans support

Calledfor Texas independence

Claimedto support states rights

Honoredall empresarial grants

Violatedconstitution of 1824 led to revolution

1832mexican revolution gave him control of government

Releasedby Sam Houston


William B. Travis

RepresentedU.S. citizens against Mexican officials

Letterwritten in the Alamo

Travisletter the most heroic

PerfectoCoswanted him arrested due to captured Mexican soldiers


The Consultation

Setup provisional govmt

AskU.S. for help

Votedagainst immediate independence


Joel R. Poinsett

BuyTexas from Mexico

Thepoinsettia plant


Galveston Bay

Oftenout of the way


President Guerreroabolished slavery

Toslow immigration from U.S.


John DavisBradburn

Arrestedland commissioner

Forcedsettlers to provide labor and supplies

ArrestedPatrick Jack


Marin Perfecto deCos

1835defeated at Battle of San Antonio


Atascossito Road

Onof two main roads into Texas


James Fannin

Surrenderedat coleto Creek March 20, 1836


March 2, 1836

TexasIndependence Day


Battle of SanJacinto

Texansbeat Santa Anna


Convention of 1836

SamHouston gets army back


Texas Declarationof Independence



Nopublic education

Notrial by jury nor freedom of religion


San Patricio

FrancisJohnson defeated by Urrea


Sam Houston

Firstpresident of Republic of Texas


Andrew Jackson


Elected1828 by support of common man

Spoilssystem reward for support

NativeAmericans hurt by Indian Removal Act

Trailof Tears

Heroof Battle of New Orleans

Farmers,workers and families support him


1828 Election

3times as many vote due to change in voting laws


5 Civilized Tribes

Creek,Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole

Learnedand adopted many white ways