Juan Heredia - Assistant Principal

Mr. Juan Heredia
Assistant Principal

Phone: (956) 580-5333

As the 7th Grade Assistant Principal of B.L. Gray Junior High, I would like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere greeting to all of our students, parents, faculty, support staff, and community at large.  ¡Saludos! I am honored to be a part of this tradition-rich campus.  My experience in education informs my approach, and it is an approach that centers on success for all students, parental support, and teacher advocacy.  I have every intention of making this already great campus even better through a variety of initiatives that will make B.L. Gray Junior High the type of campus students, parents, and teachers are overwhelmingly proud to be a part of.  The many accolades garnered by your campus are but the beginning of what is to come.

The cornerstone of a productive, well-rounded citizen is an education, and I am privileged to be a part of this process for our students at B.L. Gray Junior High.  I strongly believe every child deserves every possible opportunity at success, and with that in mind, I believe in structure, fairness, and academic rigor.  Our campus is equipped with all the necessary tools – we have excellent students, supportive parents, and teachers and support staff that are without equal!  I look forward to working with you in our pursuit of creating a structured, fair, and purposeful educational setting for all of our students.