Soccer Agreement

B.L Gray Soccer Agreement

Missed Practice (any unexcused absence missed during the entire season)


1 missed don’t start

2 missed don’t play next game

3 missed jeopardy of being removed from team (parent conference)


Late to Practice

1 late three full field liners

2 late five full field liners

3 late will be asked to call parents to pick you up early and will count as missed practice.




Tutoring should be scheduled on the mornings or afternoons we don't have practice. If you need to attend tutoring on a practice day you must get with your coach prior to the tutoring day to make arrangements.  Anyone attending tutoring must have a passfrom their tutoring teacher, or it will be counted as a missed practice.



Practice means you are on the soccer field at 4:00pm or 6:30am with:


  • tall socks
  • shin guards
  • running shoes
  • cleats
  • any warm attire
  • practice clothes
  • and a winning attitude


I ______________________________ agree to abide by all the items listed above in order to have a successful soccer season.



____________________ _______

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