Swim Meeting Handout 2020

  1. Coach introduction: Coach Moralez & Coach Rice
  2. Tryout dates: Monday March 9th & Tuesday March 10th. For those in track, you will be able to tryout on a different day. 
  3. Two teams per division: Competition Team and Exhibition Team
  4. Physicals must be turned in by Thursday, March 5th.  If a physical is not on file or there is missing information, the student will not be allowed to tryout or participate.
  5. Tryout Procedures
    1. Students must already know how to swim to try out.
    2. Students will be taken to Bannworth Park Natatorium or Mayberry Pool at 4:05.  Students will need to be picked up from Bannworth Park by 5:20pm or they will ride the bus home.
    3. Students will be examined on all 4 strokes (Free, Back, Fly, Breast) during try outs. 
    4. Tryout results will be posted by ID numbers on the Swimming webpage under “Tryout Results”. Results will be posted by either Thursday March 12 or Friday March 13th. 
    5. There will be two teams, boys and girls both consisting of 7th and 8th grade students.
    6. Students need to pass all classes in order to compete, signed the Drug Testing Consent Form, and have a physical completed and on file with the athletic trainer.
  1. Necessary Equipment Provided by Student:
    1. Ladies: 1 piece swim suit (No U back Suits) 
    2. Gentlemen: Jammers, or briefs 
    3. Swimmers cannot wear undergarments under jammers or briefs.
    4. Each swimmer will need goggles, and a towel. 
  1. Swimming Participation Guidelines
    1. All students need to be on the bus by 4:05.  The bus will depart from B.L. Gray JH at 4:05 and take students to Bannworth Park on Shary Rd or Mayberry Pool on Mayberry Rd. Students will need to be picked up by 5:20 or the bus will take them home. If any student is picked up from a practice or meet a parent is required to sign their child out with a coach.
    2. A swimmer cannot be picked up by another parent unless prior notice has been given to the principal 24 hours in advance.
    3. If students are not picked up by 5:30, it is policy that we put them on the athletics bus to be taken home. 
    4. If a student misses the bus it will count as an absence. 
    5. All athletes must be at practice every day unless they are participating in another school event.  If a student is unable to make it to practice due to a school related event Coach Moralez or Coach Rice needs to be notified in advance with a note from the other sponsor. 
    6. If a student does not bring a swim suit to practice it WILL count as an absence. If student misses two or more practices with no excuse they will sit out the next upcoming meet.
    7. If an athlete cannot swim during practice because of unforeseen circumstances; they are still required to go to practice and continue with stretching/running activities.
  1. Swimming Meet Guidelines
    1. All meets are held on Saturdays.  All athletes need to report at the designated time.  Each meet will be a different depending on the location of the meet.
    2. If the meet is at Bannworth Park then each swimmer is required to meet at the park for their designated event.
    3. If an athlete will not be able to attend the meet they need to notify the coach in advance so that other arrangements may be made for events.
    4. Meals are provided at the meets for all participating athletes.
  1. Swim Suit: