Informative Speaking Assignment



  1. Purpose: To inform your audience by presenting information about a country or U.S. state

  2. Objective: To gain experience speaking before a group, utilizing the correct outline format, and explanation. Time: 4-6 minutes.

  3. Grading: 100 total possible MAJOR points.

  4. Presentation: You may bring only note cards up with you. These note cards are called a keyword outline which are based on a full sentence outline you will be writing in class. The notecards will be used to jog your memory during the course of the speech.

  5. Outline: A complete Full Sentence outline will be turned in before you speak.

  6. Visual Aids: Visuals are usually helpful to the informative speech.  You must choose one of the following:  a poster drawing with the outline of the country/state (11” x 17” minimum size), artistic representation of the country’s flag, flower, or tree. A poster with pictures of the country’s products, icons, etc.



    To help you decide, use these considerations. Who is your audience? What will be of interest to them? What state/country or destinations are you most excited about?

A model outline is represented below:



    1.  Capture – Startling statement, personal anecdote (story), quotation, etc.

    2. Motivate – Why should this information be important to your audience?

    3. Assert – What should your audience be able to know after you have given your speech

    4. Preview - Giving brief facts such as the country motto, bird, tree, capital or any country symbol and then identifying the four main points



  1. Geography/Location

    1. Where is it located?

    2. What is the topography like?



  2.  History


    1. When did it become a country?

    2. Wars/Battles?

    3. Who are some famous people from the country or territory?



   III.  Economy

    1. What are the primary occupations?

    2. What crops are produced?

    3. What goods are manufactured?

    4. What businesses are headquartered in the country?IV.  Attractions

    1. Where or what might you visit if you spent a vacation there?  (Have at least 3 things, places, events, etc.)



  1. Short review of the information presented.

  2. Making a summary and referring back to introduction and initial statements.



    Bibliography: List at least 3 works cited.  (websites, books, articles, etc.)


    DUE DATE:  _September 27, 2016               TOPIC:____________________________ 




    Check List of Requirements


    _____1.  Full Sentence Outline

    _____2.  Bibliography showing the sources you used for information

    _____3.  Note cards with Keyword Outline Format

    _____4.  A visual aid

    _____5. **Signature & suggestions of parent to whom you presented the speech (EXTRA CREDIT)



    ____________________________ presented their speech to me on _________________________. 


    Parent’s suggestions for improvement:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



    Parent’s Signature:  ____________________________________