Theatre I Syllabus

Theatre I Semester Course Syllabus

Welcome to Theatre I.  We are about to embark on a tour of a variety of theatre activities designed to allow you to gain self-understanding, develop personal relationships, utilize positive work ethic skills and to give you a taste of the art called Theatre.  In Theatre I you will be introduced to theatre etiquette and appreciation, theatre as literature and performance and basic acting terminology, technique and performance. Topics which we will cover this semester are included on the list below.

Theatre Etiquette


Personal Resources

Voice & Diction

Acting Areas, Stage Positions, Parts of the Stage


Dramatic Structure


Duet Scenes


Theatre History


The supplies that you will need for this class are Composition Book – 100 pages that you will use strictly for theatre.



Colored Pencils


Materials for special projects as they are assigned.

You will be required to maintain a notebook (a composition book is preferred).  You will be taking notes, creating foldables to help you visualize the course content as we touch upon different areas of study.  This notebook will also contain any worksheets, quizzes or tests which you take throughout the semester. This notebook will be graded each grading period.  

Your grade will be based on a weekly participation grade as well as graded projects, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.  Projects and tests will receive more weight than worksheets, quizzes and participation.

Deborah Horn

Theatre and Speech   580-5333