Theatre Production Syllabus

Theatre Production Course Syllabus


     Welcome to Theatre Production.  This class is the foundation for extra- curricular drama and theatre activities.  It focuses on competition performance, play performance and one act competition.   Students are expected to maintain passing grades as per UIL requirements.  Students are also required to participate in Solo or Duet acting and at least one other speaking event for UIL as well as to participate in the One Act Play production for competition.  

     This class, much like athletics and band requires that students attend after school and weekend rehearsals and competitions or performances. It is expected that the student communicates with the director continually regarding availability for rehearsals (we work with other departments to ensure that the student is able to participate in a variety of activities.  Rehearsal schedules are planned in consideration to the availability of the majority of student participants. 

 UIL Events & Rehearsal
Theatre Etiquette
Acting & Characterization
Play Production
Technical Theatre
UIL One Act Competition & Unit Set
Careers in Theatre

The supplies that you will need for this class are
Composition Book – 100 pages that you will use strictly for theatre.
Colored Pencils

 You will be required to maintain a notebook (a composition book is preferred).  You will be taking notes, creating foldables to help you visualize the course content as we touch upon different areas of study.  This notebook will also contain any worksheets, quizzes or tests which you take throughout the semester.  This notebook will be graded each grading period. 

Your grade will be based on a weekly participation grade as well as graded projects, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.  Projects and tests will receive more weight than worksheets, quizzes and participation.

Deborah Horn
Theatre and Speech