Johnson, Gerald - Social Studies

Gerald Johnson
Social Studies Teacher: American History
Room 101
School Phone Number 956-580-5333 
1st Period Texas Studies      Pre-Ap         8:00- 8:54

 2nd Period Texas Studies Pre-Ap            9:12-10:01
3rd Period Texas Studies                                10:04-10:53
4th Period Conference                                    10:56-11:45
5th Period Lunch                                                 11:48-12.28
6th Period Texas Studies Pre-Ap                12:31-1:20
7th Period Texas Studies Pre-Ap                1:23-2:12
8th Period Texas Studies                                 2:15-3:04
9th Period Texas Studies Pre-Ap                3:07-3:56

Major Assignments: 60%
a)  Tests, Reports, Research papers, Projects/Presentations
b)  Minimum of 3 Assignments per grading period.
Minor Assignments: 40
  a)  Daily Classwork/Practices, Homework, Quizzes, Journal Checks.
  b)  Minimum of 9 Assignments per grading period.

I was born in Sioux City, Iowa but grew up in South Sioux City, Nebraska. I am a Cornhusker fan! I moved to Texas in 1994 and attended the University of Texas Pan-American and graduated in 2002. I have a double major in Social Studies and Kinesiology. I love to teach! I tutored U.S.History and Political Science for 5 years at Pan-Am.