English Language Arts


Teacher: Mrs. Katie Koeneke

Date: August 28, 2017

Overview & Purpose

    Through our exploration of literature from around the world, 7th grade English students will be reading and reflecting on literature selections that focus on themes we encounter in our lives. In this class, we will make connections between literature and ourselves, develop our reading, writing, critical thinking, and speaking skills, and strengthen our vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

    We will learn to analyze literature, to read and write for deeper meaning, and to think critically about what we read and write. We will build upon our knowledge of narrative, persuasive, analytical and informative writing styles, while learning to incorporate clearly defined thesis statements, textual evidence, smooth transitions, and various organizational strategies into our writing. Our intention in 7th grade English is to prepare for 8th grade, high school, college, and beyond.

Course Objectives

  1. To improve overall reading, writing, and critical thinking skills

  2. To expand our knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar

  3. To maintain effective study habits and organizational skills

  4. To gain a strong foundation in English for uses in future classes and endeavors

  5. To foster an appreciation for writing, literature, and reading

Textbooks & Novels

  1. Mirrors & Windows, Level II (school issued class set of textbook - online student access available)

  2. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

  3. Farewell to Manzanar by James D. Houston and Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

  4. The Watsons go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

  5. la línea by Ann Jaramillo

*Novel selections are subject to change based on student needs and/or availability.  If feasible, I highly encourage you purchase a copy of the above novels so you can annotate within them and make them yours. However, if you cannot purchase novels 2-5, the school will be happy to provide you with a school issued copy.

Materials Needed

  1. White round ring view binder - 1 ½ inch

  2. Composition book - 7 ½ x 9 ¾

  3. Wide ruled paper (1)

  4. 3 ring pencil pouch

  5. Pencils (at least 2)

  6. Highlighter (at least 1)

  7. Scissors

  8. Elmer’s liquid glue - 4 oz

  9. Colored pencils 12ct

  10. 5-Tab Dividers


Supplies will be housed in my classroom, so your scholar will not have to carry them around.  This will also ensure that your child will always be prepared for class.  Please have supplies no later than Friday, September 1st.  For those who are able, I would appreciate help acquiring any of the following - a teacher always needs these things on hand!

*Extra pencils


*Hand sanitizer

*Clorox wipes


  1. Enter the classroom calmly and quietly

  2. Get your composition book and binder

  3. Sit in your assigned seat

  4. Begin working on the day’s focus activity

Classroom Expectations & Consequences

  1. Arrive to class on time with the materials required

  2. Listen to and follow instructions the first time given

  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  4. Respect yourself, your teacher, and your classmates

     First Offense: Verbal warning and documentation

     Second Offense:   Detention and phone call home

     Third Offense:   Detention and parent/student conference

     Fourth Offense:   Discipline referral to the office

     *Severe disruptions/infractions will result in student being immediately sent to the office


NewsELA will be utilized weekly in our classroom. It is an online resource of rigorous and relevant up-to-date non fiction current event articles and is presented to you according to your lexile level (reading level). There is both a multiple choice component and a writing component tied to each assigned article, along with an annotation component. As a scholar in this course, you will be assigned 2 articles weekly, per reporting period. Therefore, if there are 6 weeks within the reporting period, you will be responsible for 12 NewsELA articles. Each article will be taken as a daily grade (40%) and will be due at the end of each week.

Grading Guidelines

    This course follows grading and make-up policies as outlined by the district.  There were changes in the district guidelines for this school year. Therefore, please take the time to review them. The grading guidelines for Sharyland ISD can be accessed through the district website:      

    I encourage parents to monitor their child’s grades through Skyward Family Access.  Directions on how to login can be found here:


I’m sure you would likely agree that communicating reminders or other important messages to your child can be very beneficial. For this reason, I will be using to do so. Remind will allow me to text any important message pertaining to my class to your child. It is a very safe way for teachers to text message the student and it is a one way only communication. Furthermore, it is not sent from the teacher’s personal cell phone rather the text message is sent to your child’s phone via this system. With your child’s busy schedule, this will be very helpful. Both you and your scholar should sign up using the correct class code listed below:

Block One (1st and 2nd period) - Text 810-10 with the words "join koeneke1"

Block Two (4th and 6th period) - Text 810-10 with the words "join koeneke2"

Block Three (7th and 8th period) - Text 810-10 with the words "join koeneke3"

Teacher Webpage

    This syllabus as well as other information pertinent to this course are accessible via my teacher webpage.


    I have read and agree to abide by all course policies contained in the syllabus for 7th Grade ELA.

Print Student Name_____________________________________

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    Please sign indicating you are aware that your son/daughter is agreeing to the course policies for 7th Grade ELA.

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