Student will begin with a warmup/power up.  About 15-20 minutes are allotted for completion andreview. We then transition over to reviewing homework from the previousnight.  There is an "ask it basket" where students place a magnet ononly 3 problems they may have had a difficult time with.  After everyonehas placed their magnets, I review the 3 problems with the mostmagnets.  I call those "freebies" as the student is allowed to correctit.  We then transition over to the lesson of the day.  Because it is achallenging and rigorous course, I make sure my students have FUNlearning!  
In my class,you will see a lot of Kagan strategies being used to ensure cooperativelearning. Group work allows the students to interact, helping oneanother on the content that was taught.  The class is more student ledrather than teacher led.  At times, I have centers or stations that Ihave found to be very effective.    
I'malways available through email.  I also use which is a safeway to text the student with important information in a very safe way. Parents are also welcome to receive the messages.  A parent letter aswell as instructions to get signed up will be given to the student totake home.  In class, I will guide the students in setting them up.  
 BOOK:  Go Math
Thebook is set up by units.  Each unit has a certain number of modulesthat contain several lessons.  We will cover one lesson per two days. This could vary depending on the complexity of the lesson's concept. The book is available online as well.  Please see the link on my page.
Therewill be homework every day including Fridays unless it is a "nohomework" assigned day.  Homework assignments will vary.  At times itcould be the guided or independent practice, worksheet, go math online,TTM, or any other assignment.  No late HW is accepted in a pre AP class. In a regular class, there will be 10 points deducted each day it islate.
After everylesson and module there are quizzes and after every unit there aretests.  To help prep for tests, the book contains study guides which wereview in class.  
Thinkthrough math (TTM) - online program serving as a tool to enhance thestudent's math skills.  They will have 1-2 lessons per week from thisonline program which can be accessed at home. 
5 subject notebook                                    1 pack dry erase markers
1 1/2" binder                                             1 eraser
5 tabs                                                         scissors
1 box of pencils                                         1 bottle of glue
1 pack red pens                                          1 pack of graph paper
1 pack different colored highlighters         1 ruler
1 pack of notebook paper