Math Department

Math Department 

Dear Parent:
The math teachers are excited about this year and one of us will be the teacher of your child. We welcome this opportunity. The study of mathematics is challenging and rewarding. Your child's experience in mathematics will be a direct result of the attitude and effort with which he/she approaches the subject. Together, we can foster this positive attitude toward learning and help your child develop the study skill necessary for the future.

This year, in addition to the Saxon Math textbooks, we will be concentrating on mastering STAAR objectives as well as writing about mathematics and problem solving. Please be sure to check on your child's achievement in these important assessments.

We will continue with the following Saxon Math Program requirements:

  • A math concept or skill is presented each day. Students work only a few problems involving the new concept. the 30-problem practice set assigned each day includes these new problems and review problems of previous concepts or skill. So every practice set is a review.
  • It is essential that you child complete each day's assignment. (Please help us with this one.) You can expect your child to complete a lesson every day with a test once a week, generally on Fridays.
  • Please ask to see your child's daily assignments and encourage him/her to complete all of the work.

B.L Gray math students have an excellent record in math achievement. We are proud of their excellence. It has only been possible because of parental support and cooperation. We appreciate your support this year.

B. L. Gray Junior High School Math Department
8th Grade Teachers: Mary Ann Jones (Dept. Head), Michael Horn, Jerri Lynn Vaello, Patricia Deanda, and Bertha Miller.
7th Grade Teachers: Laura Salas (Dept. Head), Mark Bewley, Andres Benitez, Elizabeth Garcia, Magda Flores, and Nancy Balsadua.