Parents, we are in the process of attaining smartmusic for the students here at B.L. Gray.  We would like to encourage you to attain a student subscription for your child at home. 
What is Smartmusic?

How it works


Students never practice alone when they have SmartMusic at home. This interactive, computer-based practice system helps students get better faster, and makes practicing more fun. With amazing accompaniments for more than 30,000 titles, challenging exercises, and the ability to record personal CDs, SmartMusic is the future of music learning.

With SmartMusic loaded on a computer, students plug in a vocal or instrumental microphone and begin practicing. They play or sing their part with accompaniment and receive, in real time on the computer, detailed feedback on their performance. Ideal for woodwind, brass, string, and vocal musicians of all levels.

SmartMusic is your instant backup band that Makes Practicing Fun
More parent information on smartmusic is available at the band articles page.
To Learn more and read testimonials about Smartmusic, please visit their website at
To Order
To learn how to order smartmusic at home please click on the below link.