2019-20 Modern Oratory


Contestants must select one of the following topics for developing the oration.

  1. Should government do more to provide healthy food for citizens?
  2. Are additional government regulations necessary for a sustainable planet?
  3. Is the Electoral College an effective process for selecting the president of the United States?
  4. Should vaccinations be mandatory for school aged children?
  5. Are Texas teachers fairly compensated for their work?

Students will deliver a three to six minute speech without the use of notes on their topic. In the process of preparing for the contest, the student will need to:

  1. define the problem;
  2. determine the pro and con issues;
  3. research the issue;
  4. look at both sides of an issue;
  5. reach a conclusion; and
  6. support that conclusion with documentation.

To achieve and maintain the educational goals of the contest activity, the teacher and/or parent may guide the development of the research and writing of the speech, but shall not be permitted to write the speech for the student.