Social Studies 2017-2018

Social Studies

A+ Social Studies Contest Study outline 2017-18
Contest Topics
Texas (approx. 60% of the test)

• Texas during the Civil War and Reconstruction
– Factors leading to secession
– Effects (political, economic, social)
– Key events
– Important historical figures in Texas
– Primary and Supplemental Sources
(approximately 8 questions each test)

• Concepts in Geography
– Places and regions of Texas
– Ways Texans have adapted to and 
modified the environment

 • Concepts in Government
– Basic structure and functions of government
– Major sources of revenue for state and local governments

United States (25-30% of test)

• Concepts in History - the Civil War
– Causes
– Significant events and individuals
– Impact of slavery

• Concepts in Economics
– Reasons for development of the plantation system and spread of slavery
– Economic differences among different regions during the Civil War

• Concepts in Government
– Constitutional issues over states’ rights

World (10-15% of test)

• Concepts in Geography
– Influence of geographic factors in 
economic development

• Concepts in Economics
– Influences of factors of production

• Concepts in Culture
- Factors that influence cultural change



Primary & Supplemental Sources

The documents listed are available from online sources as indicated under Recommended Resources. Some are also available from other online sources.

• Texas Ordinance of Secession

• Presidential Proclamation Declaring a State of Peace Between Texas and the United States

• Account of the Battle of Palmito Ranch

(from the Texas State Historical Association’s Handbook of Civil War Texas - see link below)

Recommended Resources

• Your classroom textbook

• Texas State Library and Archives Commission (includes Ordinance of Secession and Presidential Proclamation...)

• TSHA Handbook of Civil War Texas
(includes Account of Battle of Palmito Ranch)

Digital History

• Portal to Texas History

• Texas Beyond History

• The Civil War Trust