New Grading Policy

Grading Policy 2017-2018: 
Major Assignments (60% of Final Grade): Minimum 3
Research Papers

Minor Assignments
(40% of Final Grade): Minimum 9
Daily Classwork
Journal Writing 
Notebook Check

-Students with an EXCUSED ABSENCE from school (including off-campus suspension) will have the opportunity to make up missed work at the rate of one day for one day missed with a maximum of five days. Students will receive a zero for any major or minor assignment not made up within the allotted time.

-Students with an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE may not make up missed work; however, if the unexcused absence is determined to be caused by an extenuating circumstance, makeup work may be allowed. The grade for the makeup work will be no higher than a 70.

-All students will be given up to 3 additional school days to redo a FAILING MAJOR
ASSIGNMENT but the grade will be no higher than a 70. The teacher has the option of
assigning an alternative major assignment and may require additional tutoring,
assignments, etc., as appropriate. The teacher will indicate in the gradebook that the
assignment was redone. This provision does NOT apply to PreAP, Dual Enrollment (taught by Sharyland ISD teachers), or AP students.

-All students will be given 3 additional days ( 2 days for PreAP, AP, and DE taught by SISD teachers) to make up LATE MAJOR ASSIGNMENT and may be required additional tutoring, assignments, etc., as appropriate (with a progressive grade penalty of 10 points per day , 15 points/day for PreAP/AP/Dual Enrollment taught by Sharyland ISD teachers). PreAP/AP/Dual Enrollment (taught by Sharyland ISD teachers) students will not be allowed to submit late minor work.

-If 50% OR MORE OF STUDENTS IN A CLASS FAIL a MAJOR ASSIGNMENT, the entire class will receive reteaching of the content using a different instructional strategy from the original presentation. All students will be given an alternative major assignment.
Students will receive the higher of the two grades earned. The teacher will indicate in the gradebook that the assignment was retaught.

-A PROGRESS REPORT will be sent home at the end of the three-week period for all
students and must include a minimum of 1 major assignment. A progress report may be
sent home anytime in addition to the three-week period. However, parent contact must be attempted if a student has 1 zero on a major assignment or more than 3 zeros on minor assignments. Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor student progress online and/or schedule parent conferences with teachers to discuss their child’s progress.