My Behavior Expectations

My Class Rules:
Rattle Snake.png

Respect yourself. 

Respect each other. 

Respect this place. 

My expectations for demonstrating respect:
Be on time and prepared to learn
Voices are used to support learning
We keep our learning space clean
Wait for directions before beginning labs/investigations
We exit the classroom when dismissed, not with the bell

Possible Rewards:
Tickets for random and weekly drawings.
Earn time.

1. Verbal warning
2. Refocus area with required reflection
3. Lunch detention with required reflection
4. Parent Contact/conference
5. Office Referral

If safety is an issue, students will be removed from lab activities. Students may also be sat out from labs and given alternate assignments if pre-lab requirements are not met (i.e. signed safety contract, etc). It is my goal to include all students in all labs so this is used at my discretion to promote a healthy, safe, and productive learning environment.