P.E. Syllabus and Grading Policy

Grading Policy
      Daily Participation 60%   - student is expected to give  complete effort in class

      Dressing Out into Uniform  40%-
      Student is required to dress out everyday into their workout clothe ,this includes socks and tennis shoes.  If student wishes to shower they are responsible to bring their own towel.

      Each student will begin each week with 100 points for their daily grade.  Points will be deducted as follows:
        1. Not dressed out - 20 points deducted
        2.  No participation  -20 points
If student fails to bring their uniform, the coach will provide rental clothe but 5 points will be deducted. 

      If student is unable to participate due to illness/injury, they must provide the following on a note from their parents/guardians:
         1.  students name
         2.  date
         3.  cause of illness/injury
         4.  phone # where parent can be reached
         5.  parent/guardian signature
This note will only excuse the student for one day.  Students may be excused from certain physical activities but not necessarily from all activities.  Student is still required to dress out. 
A doctor's excuse is required if a student's illness is serious enough to constitute non-participation from P.E. for more than 3 days.  The school will not accept excuses from non-U.S. doctors.
The student will at times be required to do written assignments in the library during their time off from P.E. in order to receive a grade

Girls will not be excused from dressing out/ participation due to menstrual cramps/cycle unless a doctor's excuse is received
      Each student is issued a locker.  It is their responsibility to keep their lockers locked at all times and not leave money or valuables unlocked
General Info
      No large jewelry is to be worn  during class.
      If an injury occurs , report it to your Coach
      When an activity is to be done outside, student is allowed to bring water bottle and a hat