Grading Policy

Grading Policy:

Major Assignments (60%of Final Grade):


Minor Assignments (40%of Final Grade):

Journal Writing
Daily/Homework Assignments

Excused Absences:

Students with an ExcusedAbsence will have the opportunity to make up missed work

at the rate of 1 day for1 day missed, with a maximum of 5 days. Students who are

absent had prior noticeof a major or minor assignment must complete the assignment

on the 1st day back toschool. Student will receive a 0 for any major or minor

assignment not made upwithin the allotted time.

Unexcused Absences:

Students with anUnexcused Absence may not make up missed work. However, if the

unexcused absence isdetermined to be caused by extenuating circumstances,

makeup work may beallowed. The grade for the makeup work will be no higher than

a 70.

Failing MajorAssignments:

All students will haveup to 3 additional school days to redo a failing major assignment,

but the grade will be nohigher than a 70.

Late Major Assignments:

All students will have 3additional days to make up a major assignment if late (with a

progressive gradepenalty of 10 points per day).

Semester Exams:

Semester exams will becomprehensive and count as 20% of the semester grade.

Should the semester examcause a student to fail the semester, the student has the

option of retesting. Thestudent must retest within 3 days, and the retest will be the sole

responsibility of thestudent. The retest grade will be no higher than a 70.