2019 -2020 SCHEDULE
1st-2nd block:  7th grade Pre-Ap ELA                     
3rd -4th block:  7th grade Pre-AP ELA
5th period:  Lunch
6th-7th block:  7th grade Pre-Ap ELA 
8th period:  7th grade Reading Academy
9th period:  Conference  3:04-3:56

7th grade ELA Supply List

Materials Needed

  1. Wide ruled paper


  2. White round ring view binder - 1 ½ inch with plastic pouches front and back

  3. Pencils


  4. Pencil pouch

  5. Pencils


  6. Highlighers


  7. Scissors


  8. Glue or glue sticks


  9. Colored pencils, or markers


  10. 4 Tab dividers