Study Island Rules


1) You are required to read the lesson before attempting the test

2) Leave the lesson open on another tab while taking the test.

3) All sessions must have at least 20 questions

4) Study Island is assigned Monday & Due Thursday

5) Pre AP Classes can never repeat the same lesson on the same day.

6) No more than 3 passing sessions per section.

7) Do only assigned section unless it is cleared with the teacher. 

8) There is no late work in Pre AP Science.

9) Do not get put on Building Blocks, by failing lessons over and over!

10) 2nd, 4th, 7th & 9th periods need 1250 while 8th needs1000 correct questions.

11) If you get caught cheating, your account will be scrubbed.

12) The only way to recover lost points is to do extra Study Island.

13) Failing to do Study Island will negatively impact your grades.

14) Good Luck.