Class Schedule

Classroom Schedule
Rm. 120       


1st Period:  7th Grade PreAp Science  8:00-8:54
2nd Period: 7th Grade  Science 8:57-10:01
3rd Period: 7th Grade PreAP Science       10:04-10:53
4th Period: 7th Grade Science                       10:56-11:45
5th Period: Lunch                                       11:48-12:28
6th Period: 7th Grade PreAP Science           12:31-1:20
7th Period: Conference                                           1:23-2:12
8th Period: 7th Grade  Science                          2:15-3:04
9th Period: 7th Grade Athletics                          3:07-3:56
 Mrs. Rassman 7th Grade Science
 Mrs. K. Rassman
7th Grade Science/Coach
RM 120
 Conference Time: 1:23- 2:12
Hello!My name is Kristina Rassman. I moved to the valley with my family 10 years ago from the Midwest. I have been teaching for 16 years. I graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. I have taught Science for 16 years and ELA for 11. I also coach 8th Grade Volleyball and Basketball.  I am very passionate about team sports and enjoy helping the girls learn the fundamentals of the games and the joy of being a member of a team.