Remind 101

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Welcometo a new school year!  I am looking forward to having your child in myclass.  It is going to be a fantastic year.  Please be assured that Iwill always keep your child’s best interest in mind. 


I’msure you would likely agree that communicating reminders or otherimportant messages to your child can be very beneficial.  For thisreason, I will be using Remind 101 to doso.  Remind will allow me to text any important message pertaining to myclass to your child.  It is a very safe way for teachers to textmessage the student and it is a one way onlycommunication.  Furthermore, it is not sent from the teacher’s personalcell phone rather the text message is sent to your child’s phone viathis system.  The message may be a reminder about a homework assignment,quiz, test, project deadline, or any other important message.  Withyour child’s busy schedule, this will be very helpful. 


Thenice thing is that parents can also be included.  If you would like themessage to be sent to your cell phone as well, please follow the stepsbelow:


1.)    Text code:  @hsaenz to  Phone number: 81010

2.)    You will receive a text telling you to reply with your full name.

3.)    Reply with your full name


Yourchild followed the exact same steps above.  So if you have anyquestions, your child should be able to help you or you can call meduring my conference period which is at 8:54AM-9:54AM.


Thank you,



Mr. Homar Saenz 

7th Texas Studies

B.L. Gray Junior High