Beginner Band

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B.L. Gray Jr. High Band
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Welcome to the B.L. Gray Jr. High Beginner Band Webpage.  On this page you will find helpful information on practicing to calendar information.

Beginner Band Handbook 2017-18.pdf

*FOR CONCERTS:  Dress clothes

Men-dress slacks, shirt with collar, dress shoes (NO tennis shoes, shorts or jeans)

Ladies-dresses or, dress pants & nice blouse. (NO spaghetti straps, jeans, shorts or tennis shoes)


 Recommended instrument list:


Pearl Flute 525, open hole

Yamaha 262, 282, 362 open hole with B foot preferred



Yamaha YoB241 or Fox 333 Protégé



Buffet E11, E12, or R-13 Wooden Clarinet German Model

Selmer CL211-WOOD

Normandy 4 (used) WOOD


Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS 26 or YAS 475(only)


Trumpet (NO CORNETS)

Bach TR300

Yamaha YTR 200 or 4335G



Yamaha YSL448G

Yamaha YSL200

Bach TB200



Innovative Percussion IPPK32

Pearl  PL300C or PL800 with wheels

Vic Firth V8806 with wheels



1) Standard of Excellence Enhanced Bk. 1 for their instrument.

2) Music Stand for home practice.  

3) 2 Pencils with pouch to fit into binder

4) One inch 3 ring binder

Recommended:   Korg TM-50 Tuner/Metronome or Tonal Energy App