Hernandez, Ciro - History

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Welcome To Mr. Hernandez' Web Page!

Students, I'm looking forward to an awesome and fun-filled year as we
learn all about the history of our great nation.
Parents, please feel free to contact me during my Conference Period, or
through my Email address whenever you have a question, or concern.

Class Schedule:
1st: 8:00AM-8:54AM (U.S. History)
2nd: 8:57AM-10:01AM (U.S. History-Pre AP)
3rd: 10:04AM-10:53AM (U.S. History)
4th: 10:56AM-11:45AM (U.S. History-Pre AP)
5th: 11:48AM-12:37PM (Conference)
6th: 12:40PM-1:20PM (Lunch)
7th: 1:23PM-2:12PM (U.S. History-Pre AP)
8th: 2:15PM-3:04PM (U.S. History)
9th: 3:07PM-3:56PM (Boys Athletics)