Language Arts

English Language Arts and Reading

Department Heads: Mrs. Andrea Weseman-Chavero (8th) and Mrs. Katie O. Koeneke (7th)

At B. L. Gray Junior High, students are enrolled in a 90 minute block Literature and Language Arts class.  This block schedule allows students to explore both reading and writing content.

These courses are designed to further develop language, reading comprehension, and writing skills and strategies through a variety of genres. Emphasis on vocabulary development and the writing process will be an ongoing component of the program. Students will develop research skills and techniques. Strong attention will be given to literacy appreciation by analyzing literary elements and devices in all types of prose and poetry. Students will further develop writing fluency by writing for a variety of audiences and purposes with strong attention to elaboration and revision techniques in the writing process. 

Teachers take the students to the library and to the computer lab.  Students must read in order to be successful in their ELA class.  Please make sure you monitor your child's progress and ask them frequently if they have completed their reading assignments each grading period.

Language Support
Recent Immigrants (ESL Students) 7th Grade – ESL students are recent immigrants who have not yet passed the LAS Test at Level 3. Students take two electives from required course and take the following subjects: ESL Reading, ESL Writing, ESL Speaking and Listening (7th & 8th grade mixed class), ESL Mathematics, ESL Social Studies, ESL Science. 

Special Education Support
Resource Reading – This course is designed to develop work attack skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension skills. Students will also develop basic skills in writing, regular and language.

Resource Language – This course emphasizes on the basic skills in writing, reading, and literature.

Self-contained – This class is for the students who have multiple handicapping conditions. They study manipulative skills, vocational skills, basic language and math skills, keyboarding, and personal health skills. They also participate in regular P.E. classes as well as art.