Classroom Expectation

Classroom Expectations

  1. Be Respectful, Have Dignity
    • Respect others’ space, property, and privacy
    • Choose actions and words that show courtesy and respect
    • No negative comments
    • No vulgar language or profanity
    • Use words like “Please, Thank you, Excuse me, yes ma’am”

  2. Be Responsible
    • With your belongings
    • With your own homework
    • In compliance to school dress code
    • Attend class

  3. Be Prepared
    • Bring all necessary Math materials to class
    • Complete and turn in assignments by due dates
    • Charged Chrome book
    • To Learn

  4. Be On Time
    • Inside classroom before the Tardy Bell rings
    • Seat on assigned seat
    • Work on warm-up
    • Be ready to share

  5. Be Productive and Participate
  • Be Positive and willing to participate
  • Work diligently and to the best of your ability
  • Listen when the teacher or other students are speaking
  • During discussions, respect others’ comments, opinions, and ideas


  • No Food or drinks allowed in the classroom, including gum.

    You are only allowed to bring your bottle of water.


  • Students are permitted to use their chrome books for school purposes only.  If student is off task by texting or going through any social media websites, he/she will adhere to consequences set forth by the district.

  • Be respectful of others and the teacher. Actions that disrupt the educational process such as belittling others and speaking out of turn are not acceptable behaviors.  The goal for the class is to have a safe environment.

  • Absences can affect grades, please complete missing assignments promptly.

  • Let an adult know if you or someone else is being bullied (physically, verbally, or emotionally).