Teacher: Mr. R. Ramos

Phone number:  956-580-5333 ext. 1750
Conference Hours: 1:14-2:06 p.m.
E-Mail Address:
Room #: 102

Meeting Days: Monday – Friday

Meeting Interval: 52 minute class

Course Description:  In this course, the student will learn the touch method of keyboarding as well as document processing for personal/business letters and memos. Emphasis will be on speed and accuracy as well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The student will use Microsoft Word 2013 to learn the elements of word processing. It is a single-semester computer course designed for the student to practice and implement skills necessary to strengthen individual performance in high school, college and beyond. These skills should help prepare the student for a successful transition to the workforce and society.

On-line program used in class:

1 – Pair of ear buds/ headphones


Major Assignments: 60%
a)  Tests, Reports, Research papers, Projects/Presentations
b)  Minimum of 3 Assignments per grading period.
Minor Assignments: 40
  a)  Daily Classwork/Practices, Homework, Quizzes, Journal Checks.
  b)  Minimum of 9 Assignments per grading period.


a)  If 50% or more of students in a class fail a major assignment, the entire class will receive reteaching of the content using a different instructional strategy from the original presentation.  All students will be given an alternative major assignment.  Students will receive the higher of the two grades earned.
b)  All students will be given 3 additional days to make up a major and minor assignment if late (with a grade penalty of 10 points per day).


1. Bring all needed materials to class. (Pencil, paper, and composition book)

2. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. (Pencils should be sharpened before the bell rings, paper and pencils should be out and ready for work, and warm-ups are to be started as soon as possible after entering the room.)

3. Respect and be polite to all people. (Listen and stay seated when someone is talking and behave properly for a substitute teacher.)

4. Respect other people’s property. (Keep the room clean and neat, pick up trash, return borrowed property, don’t write on the desks, and get permission before using another person’s materials.)

5. Obey all rules.