Code of Conduct

B. L. Gray Code of Conduct


Welcome to the B. L. Gray Athletic Program! The coaching staff feels this may be one of the most influential and positive times in your life. We are looking forward to an enjoyable, fun, and successful season.

It is the responsibility of the coaches to establish, enforce, and apply all team rules to all athletes. If

you have any questions about the team rules feel free to contact a coach to discuss your questions.

Disagreements over team rules and policies should be discussed with the coaches in a one-on-one

discussion.  Complaining about and showing disrespect for team rules and policies during practice,

or in group situations will NOT be tolerated.


We ask that both the athlete and his/her parent(s) read over the entire packet together. It is the

responsibility of the athlete and parent(s) to read the rules and guidelines stated in this packet

prior to the season. We ask that once you both have read the manual thoroughly, and that you sign

an agreement stating you agree to the rules and guidelines set forth.

This Athlete's Manual is a guideline to help achieve our goals for the season. Remember that

your attitude, desire, commitment, and teamwork are going to make a difference this year. By

following the rules and guidelines set forth in this manual this season can be enjoyable and

successful for everyone!



Student athletes at B. L. Gray Jr. High must keep in mind that they are always in the public's eye.

Their personal conduct, on and off the field, is always subject to scrutiny of fellow teammates,

fellow students, teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, fans, opponents, and the media.

Student athletes have a responsibility to serve as positive role models and representatives of

B. L. Gray Jr.High, and Sharyland School District.  In order to succeed in that role a student

athlete should:

1. Show respect for authority, property, and peers at all times

2. Maintain academic eligibility throughout the season

3. Follow ALL team rules

4. Practice the ideals of sportsmanship, team loyalty, and fair play



Striving to be your best is an important key to succeeding in all aspects of your life. Winning is

an admirable goal. However, experience has shown that true victory rarely comes if the ideals

mentioned above are not the top priority. Winning without having the proper perspective is a

hollow victory at best. Cross Country is a great sport, but it is only a game. Strive to develop the

winning mindset that will make you successful in ALL aspects of life.



Attendance is mandatory at all practices and meets. Attendance will be taken on a daily basis at

ALL practices and meets. Times listed for practices are the starting times. Athletes are expected

to be in proper apparel, and ready to go at the stated times. If there are changes to the practice

schedule, the coaching staff will inform all athletes in advance. Arriving late without a legitimate

excuse is NOT tolerated. You are responsible for you - BE ON TIME!

Athletes must provide a written note from a parent, employer, doctor, or other responsible adult

in order to be excused from practices and meets. Written excuses must include:

1. The date of the practice or meet you will be missing

2. Reason you will be absent

3. Signature of a parent, employer, doctor, or responsible adult

If an athlete is absent from school on a day when there is a regularly scheduled practice or meet, that athlete is NOT eligible to practice or participate in a meet on that day. This is thepolicy of B. L. Gray Jr. High School. NO exceptions will be made.

The coaching staff understands that situations may arise that prevent athletes from attending practices or meets. In those events, the coaching staff appreciates as much advance notice as possible so that they can make adjustments to team rosters as needed.

Attendance will be kept for ALL practices and meets. All absences and late will be kept on file.

"Late" is not being dressed, on the field, and ready to practice at the stated start time.

More than three unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team, at the coach's discretion. Three late will countas one unexcused absence. This does not mean the athlete is to use

the three absences as a "day off".  If this is found to be the case, the athlete can be dismissed from

the team immediately.


1. Soccer game

2. Dance/Karate

3. Concert

If you are unsure whether an absence will be considered as excused, check with the coaching

staff. Remember, we as coaches put our time in to the program and we expect the same from

you as an athlete. Communication is the key in making this possible. Athletes coming late to or

leaving practice early must have a written note from a parent.



(Monday – Friday)-- 7:30 am – 1st period during regular school year

(Monday- Friday) 7:00 am- 1st period during the Cross Country season

(These times are subject to change. They may be extended, and at times be shortened, only

with advance notice.) Practice is to be taken seriously at ALL times. The way you practice reflects

the way you perform! Failure to do this will result in extra conditioning.



Students must be passing all classes in order to participate.  If the athlete fails any class, they will be ineligible for three weeks.  During this period, the athlete will only be allowed to practice with the team during the athletic period.  Academics are the top priority, and will be stressed by all coaches.  Athletics is just one part of education.  Classes must be given 110%.

  1. Athletic Grade
  1. 40 points for dressing out
  2. 60 points for participation



Students are, and will be representing the B. L. Gray Jr. High Team at ALL events,

home (if any) and away. Athletes will be expected to maintain and exhibit a well groomed

appearance at all times. Athletes will be expected to show up on the team bus wearing their

team issued uniforms and warm ups.

Practice Apparel: Each athlete is required to wear equipment issued to them, to practice. Sweat Pants will be worn for warm-up, stretching, and drills every day regardless of weather.

Disruptive and disrespectful behavior will NOT be tolerated at any time. Any athlete that

becomes a negative influence on the team through their behavior will be dealt with in the

following manner:

1. Verbal warnings will be given to athletes asking for improvements in their behavior. No

explanations are necessary. Discussions about the incident are most appropriately addressed

one-on-one with the coaching staff after practice or the meet.

2. Athletes will be given a separate activity for inappropriate behavior. Athletes will not be

allowed to re-enter the original activity until approval by the coaching staff.

3. Conferences will be held with the athlete, coaching staff, parents, and others as needed to

evaluate the problem as well as the athlete's future role with the team.

4. Athletes can be suspended from the team for an indefinite period of time for inappropriate

behavior. Length of suspension will be the coach's discretion.

*** Each incident will be handled on an individual basis! ***



Factors that the coaching staff will consider when adjusting participation are as follows:

1. Grades and scholastic performances

2. Attendance and performance at practice and meets.

3. Athletic ability and event skills

4. Attitude and sportsmanship

5. Interaction with the team and coaching staff

6. Time trials


Conduct Expectations:

Athletes will not be allowed to quit one activity during active season in order to participate in another activity unless both sponsors are in agreement. Final decisions will be approved by the appropriate administrators/director.


Lockers will be assigned to all athletes, and they are required to use them.  Coaches are NOT responsible for picking up items left out and unattended.


The students are responsible for all equipment issued to them.  Anything that is lost, damaged, or stolen is the responsibility of the student.  All workout items are to be replaced at the cost of $10.00 per item.

Appropriate behavior

  1. Walk in the dressing room.  No horse playing.
  2. Keep all of your equipment in your locker.
  3. Keep all personal items in your locker.
  4. All posters and decorations will be displayed in a positive manner.
  5. Please do not track in mud into the gym or locker room.
  6. It is responsibility of the athletes to keep the dressing room clean

Busing / athlete pick up

The district provides transportation for athletes after practice.  If the athlete is not picked up by 5:45, the athlete will asked to board the athletic bus.



Good sportsmanship is an essential quality that all athletes need to possess and practice. Poor

sportsmanship will not be tolerated and will be addressed by the coaching staff. Guidelines for

good sportsmanship include:

1. No cursing or swearing, on or off the field of play (punishment of additional conditioning)

2. Respect your fellow teammates, coaches, and volunteer staff (Trainer and Athletic Directors)

3. Respect your opponents. Shake hands after events and show appreciation for others.

4. Never argue with the officials, other coaches, or competitors. Never argue with the coaches

in public. One-on-one meetings and discussion regarding team issues are welcome.

5. Flagrant fouls will NOT be tolerated.








B. L. Gray Jr. High will provide suitable transportation in authorized school vehicles for all athletes, support personnel, and coaches to all away meets. Travel guidelines are listed:

1. The head coach, in conjunction with the bus driver, will assume responsibility for conduct and

discipline on the bus.

2. All athletes must be at the point of departure on time. Athletes will be dismissed from classes

15 minutes prior to departure time. This time is to be used to collect everything needed for the meet and to make your way to the bus. It is NOT time to be used for socializing.

3. Athletes that miss the bus and then travel to the game using their own transportation will NOT

be permitted to participate in the meet.

4. Food and drinks will only be allowed on the bus after the bus driver gives permission.

5. The coaching staff is responsible for making sure that the bus is left in a clean state after the team leaves the bus.

a. For every piece of trash that is left on the bus – athletes will encounter additional conditioning during the following practice.

b. If trash continues to be a problem, food and drinks will NOT be permitted on bus trips.

6. All athletes are representatives of B. L. Gray Jr. High and are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

7. The emergency door on the bus is to be used only in times of emergency unless authorized by the bus driver.

8. Athletes will show respect for the host school by cleaning up benches before leaving.

9. All students must return home on the bus provided by the school. Exceptions will only be granted to athletes who secure a signed document from the coach.








I, ___________________________________________, the parent of _________________________________________________, an athlete on the B. L. Gray Jr. High School has received a copy of the code of conduct and Team Rules from the coach. We both have read over and reviewed the code of conduct and Team Rules. Both my child and I understand and agree to the rules set forth and understand that it is important to follow ALL rules and procedures stated in the code of conduct. We also acknowledge the fact that it is the coach's responsibility to implement ALL rules and procedures stated in the code of conduct and team rules. We also understand that it is important as a parent and athlete to promote and follow ALL the rules and procedures stated in the code of conduct and team rules.


X _________________________________________________                       X__________________________________________________

(PARENT'S SIGNATURE)                                                           (ATHLETE'S SIGNATURE)